SHTF Survival Preparedness: The act of preparing for a worst-case scenario for survival. Including outdoor, urban, and bug out survival. This will be the greatest survival challenge of your life. For this reason alone, you should be ready as if your lifeshtf survival preparedness depends upon it. Because it does.

Therefore the decisions that we will make before an SHTF event to prepare will be the key factor in how long we survive. Regardless if you shelter in place, or bug out. However, SURVIVAL PREPAREDNESS is essential and should be a way of life. In other words, A person must be prepared for anything at any time.

“Survival is a mindset”


One worst-case scenario for an SHTF event would be an EMP. First of all, we would be thrown into the dark ages almost immediately. Furthermore, a true EMP SHTF SURVIVAL event will be unlike anything you can imagine.shtf emp survival preparedness

For instance, you have an EMP report that shows the results of an EMP Threat:‘Within One Year 9 Out of 10 Americans Would Be Dead’. In other words, we would have 90% casualties in the first year. Almost 300 million people. DEAD! In 1 year. However, the report suggests that it will be due to starvation, disease, and crime. Although these are 3 key reasons, they are not the main reason.

Above all else, the main reason is that we do not have the survival knowledge and we are not prepared. Most importantly this report tells me that only 10% of the people are either lucky or well prepared.


Electromagnetic pulse: a burst of electromagnetic energy produced by a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere, considered capable of widespread damage to power lines, telecommunications, and electronic equipment.

We know that an EMP would be one of the worst situations we could find ourselves in. In addition, it’s a real situation that could happen at any time. Although there are no studies that are conclusive on agreeing what all effects of an EMP will cause. However, we do know that it’s most likely to kill the power grid.

SHTF survival preparedness is for a worst-case scenario that shows us that no electronics will work, planes will be falling out of the skies, and our automobiles will not work. Seems bad enough if planes start falling, but if we lose our vehicles, the first 36 hours will be a whole lot worse than it would be if we had our vehicles!

Even more, that means you’re on foot, walking and most likely alone and separated from your family. Furthermore, walking will expose you to more dangers and eats up time. And time is of the essence.

Check out this article from Survival Dan about Life After Losing the Electric Grid.


By far, starvation will be a leading cause of desperation, suicide, disease, death, crime, and cannibalism. Furthermore, they know this and even more, they want preparedness

Sadly, most people have less than a week, maybe 2 weeks of food in their house at any given time. In addition, most grocery stores only have 3-5 days of food stored. A lot of people in this country take things for granted. They think the food will always be available and they have no clue what it’s like to be hungry…


I MEAN REALLY HUNGRY… Well… At the end of World War II, Eastern Europe had front row tickets to a famine of biblical proportions. Starting in 1941, up to 1,000 citizens starved to death every day for three years. Bodies were discarded in the street and reports of cannibalism became a problem less than 12 months into the ordeal. Survivors ate anything they could get their hands on, such as birds, rats, and family pets. However, all those animals soon became hard to find. This led to gangs being formed that attacked and ate people. It became such a problem that the police force created an “anti-cannibal” task force.shtf survival

Certainly, you can see the importance of stocking up food and water. However, food is not a priority for most people because they always assume(ass/u/me) it will be available.


shtf survival preparednessAs the power grid goes down, so will our infrastructure and so goes the public utilities. And that means we lose our water supply. Sanitation issues will rise rapidly. Once people use up whatever food and water they have, they will start to eat and drink just about anything. As a result, along with the loss of sanitation along with the loss of doctors and medicines, disease and viruses will exponentially increase.

In addition, you are going to have, sick people, sick people dying, accidents, suicides, and murder. As a result, dead people will lay where they fall and begin decomposing. The results will be hundreds to thousands of dead bodies will be everywhere. Disease and viruses will escalate exponentially as things get worse.


Take away the peoples toys is one thing, but take away the food, water, electricity, vehicles, and law enforcement, then you will have total anarchy.shtf crime

Crime after an EMP event will be horrendous. First of all, take whatever city you chose that you think has the worst crime rate you can imagine, and then multiply it by a 1000 fold, at least. In addition, now imagine that in every city in this country.

There is really no strategy for crime other than having an awful lot of training, guns, and ammo. And if you live in a city, first of all, you don’t have enough firepower to last. They will overrun you with more firepower and more numbers. Do the math.


Once people realize that an EMP event has happened and there is no power or better yet no law enforcement, all hell will break loose. At first, most attention will be the stores, however, it will not be long before they will come to your houses.

Lack of food and bare essentials will make people do the worst of things. A lot of people will forsake their own conscious to get food. As a result, they will kill for it. However, it will not take long before they will kill just to have whatever you have, whether they need it or not… Most noteworthy are your women, maybe the kids also. Women and children as now will be used for pleasure or as a black market bartering tool. In addition to that, they might just want “you” for food…


“In peace prepare for war, in war prepare for peace. The art of war is of vital importance to the state. It is matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence under no circumstances can it be neglected.” — Sun Tzu

So, if I analyze the 3 main reasons for all the deaths, I come to the conclusion that food is the primary reason. The lack of food will cause starvation and starvation will lead to despair and death. The despaired will lead to crime, and death will lead to more disease. In other words, everything will escalate because of the lack of food.

The Government website even suggests that you store 2 weeks to 3 months of food. Furthermore, you now have the new EMP report that suggests you store food and water for 6 months to 2 years for an EMP attack.

Its all about being prepared! We must be prepared. Being prepared for such an event will be the difference between life and death. Our survival will depend on how well we are prepared to accomplish our goal, one way or the other.

Procrastination on SHTF Survival Preparedness

Most people just are not prepared for any kind of SHTF survival.

Procrastination Is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished. It is the practice of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones, thus putting off impending tasks to a later time. Sometimes, procrastination takes place until the “last minute” before a deadline.

People procrastinate on preparing for anything, much less an EMP or SHTF event. For instance, people believe that it will never happen in America or our lifetime. They think the Government will save the day… Ask the people of New Orleans after Katrina hit how that worked out. Instead of just New Orleans, in addition, you’re looking at every city in this country.

  • COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU!shtf FEMA CAMP survival preparedness
  • FEMA CAMP USA!!!!!!,

First of all, people have got to stop being lazy or nonchalant about what’s coming to this country and make SHTF survival preparedness for a worst-case scenario a priority. Because you and your families life will depend on it.

Survival Knowledge:

A true perspective to preparedness is the action or process of preparing something or preparing for something.
In other words, we prepare for a situation with plans and strategies while we prepare the tools to accomplish that task. Bottom line, if we are not prepared properly, we will die.

“The peak efficiency of knowledge and strategy is to make conflict unnecessary.” – Sun Tzu

 Mentally Prepared.

The realization that an EMP has gone off and has taken down the power grid will be such a rude awakening that most people will freak out when the fog clears their mind.shtf survival peparedness
The first of which will be hopefulness and fear. Your mind will be overwhelmed with emotions. Then as reality sets in you will see things, things that are unimaginable. Things people aren’t supposed to see.

You will do things you didn’t think you could do… unimaginable things you never thought you were capable of doing…

Then you have to live with those things for the rest of your life. And believe me, they never go away.

Mental preparedness will be one of the hardest things to prepare for. Pictures or movies can not prepare you for the real pictures your mind is about to experience.


You must be physically fit. Your age really is unimportant. You need to be in the best shape that your age or physical condition allows. 66 percent of adults in the United States are considered overweight or obese. Approximately 21-24% of American children and adolescents are overweight, and another 16-18% is obese.


First and foremost people have no clue what SHTF survival preparedness really is. Subsequently, they have no idea about plans or strategies.
A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a major objective or overall goal. Therefore your plan is your objective, while your strategies are ideals or methods in which to achieve your objective and overall goal. For example, First, my goal is not to starve. So then, I must make a plan of action, with my objectives. While my strategies include what necessities are needed to achieve my goal.


People are not prepared with the right gear and supplies that would last through such an event. For instance, it’s hard to know what the right survival gear to choose or what supplies are needed when you have no plan. SHTF survival preparedness will give you the knowledge

Even people that have plans and are prepared do not realize the severity that an EMP strike would have in this country. You could be talking years before things could even begin to settle down. I could even imagine that our Country would probably be attacked, taking advantage of the situation. We would at least have the Blue helmet’s here to set up for martial law.

Preparedness into a real perspective.

Most people live paycheck to paycheck… But that does not stop them from buying hundreds of dollars on cigs, alcohol, or drugs, and yet they say that they have no money for preparedness. Its also funny how much money these people spend on valentines day, Halloween or any other insignificant holiday.

Or “I’d rather be golfing… Hello… Golfing isn’t cheap. My favorite pastime was softball. Of course, I always needed the best and latest gear and believe me, softball gear is not cheap.). I was a “softball prepper”…Yet I still lived paycheck to paycheck.
Point is people will scrape up the money for the things they want. So you’re tight on money, I get it. But prepping isn’t all about the money. Preparedness is more about knowledge and developing a mindset.

Realize this, they are telling us that it is going to happen, and it is going to happen soon… Maybe an EMP, hack the grid, false flag event, economic collapse, civil war, or WWIII. Furthermore, all these are events that have the potential of happening any day. Most importantly, they all have the potential to shut down the power grid.

Bug In/Shelter in place or Bug Out.

So, do we shelter in place or bug out? Truth is, If your not prepared, your damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. It’s just that I believe it will be less horrendous if you’re out of the city. However, if you are prepared, you have a better chance of survival if you bug out into the country, in my opinion anyway.

The skillsets you need to survive in the country are a lot easier to learn than the skillsets you need to survive in the city. Living in the city will require a special set of skills.

“The least amount of people that you are around, the least likely you will encounter a threat”.

  • The current population of the United States of America is about 328 million.
  • 83.7 % of the population is urban (273,368,693 people in 2018)
  • Only 19%registered gun owners live in the city.

I look at this report and I see 90% of the population will die within a year. Then I look at the population statistics and I see that almost 84% of the population lives in the city. Furthermore, only 19% have firearms. Hmmm.

Old school math tells me that most of the population that will die, live in the city. It tells me that most city people will not have enough food to make it. Furthermore, with only 19% having firearms, they have no way of protecting themselves. As a result, you will have Starvation, Disease, and Crime. All of this simply because people do not have an SHTF survival preparedness plan.


“In peace prepare for war, in war prepare for peace. The art of war is of vital importance to the state. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence under no circumstances can it be neglected.” — Sun Tzu

This is as real as it gets, yet most people are not concerned. Even preppers seem to overlook one specific prep for an EMP threat. They fail to prepare for War.  Maybe its because the report is listed as an EMP threat. It should read EMP attack….. If WWIII hasn’t started before the EMP strike, It will afterward. I believe with an EMP strike or any grid down situation will result in a Red Dawn invasion of America that Dave Hodges writes about. And with the grid down we will not even know its started till they come and start to invade our cities.


Our Government will not spend the money to protect us from an EMP, but they will spend the money on military drills in U.S. cities.

They will spend the money on Grid down exercises and even invite our potential enemies such as Russia and China to watch and participate. They will spend money on Jade Helm type exercises. Let’s not forget they already bought millions of rounds of hollow point bullets for so-called “target practice”.

Our Government will not spend the money to protect us because they are spending the money on preparing for War. In this country. Against our own people.

“One way or another, War is coming to this Country. And it’s coming soon”.


Truth is, I don’t believe it will take a year. I believe that 90% of the population will die within 6 months.shtf survival preparedness I believe this to be true with any SHTF situation… Just because people will not prepare for SHTF survival have no SHTF survival preparedness.

We need to become Minutemen again. Our forefathers initiated the Minutemen for the sole purpose for the civilian militia to be ready in a moments notice. That practice along with the 2nd amendment has been one of our greatest deterrent keeping enemies from attacking this country.